Borrelia Burgdorferi is the name given to one of many bacteria transmitted by ticks. The name originates from Willy Burgdorfer who studied this. You can read about it here in this article about a mysterious Swiss Agent and the history of this troublesome bacteria. More than this namesake the scientific Latin name of this certain Borrelia (there are dozens of Borrelia strains thought to be 100+ or more worldwide) this website is virtually everything I know or learned about this disease and related illness delivered in an informative and easy to read fashion.

This website and blog is designed to give users this information about Borrelia Burgdorferi and related tick-borne illnesses.  It is literally “a space on the Internet” to discuss and inform people Lyme Disease, TBI’s, TBD’s and to serve as a handy directory to links that may help sufferers and their families.  Call it education and entertainment, or “edutainment” if you will.

It is not meant as a comprehensive reference just a handy repository of relevant links and articles that will hopefully educate, inform and entertain. There are many sources on the Net for Lyme Disease and tick borne related illness including forums and groups, one of the best websites is LymeDisease.Org as well as countless scientific papers. I have read a number of these sources and it is here that I try to cull and distill this information for ease of understanding.

I hope you will enjoy.


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